Magical Moments on

Sweden’s Loveliest Coast

You don’t need to go to the Mediterranean

to enjoy water sports, island-hopping and private beaches

Naval town of Karlskrona


Naval Museum

Learn about the history of the Swedish Navy

Ronneby Brunn

Waterpark and spa


World-class fishing


Imagine an 800 kilometer archipelago with over 800 green islands to discover. Imagine calm lakes and rippling rivers, full of fish. In Blekinge our wonderful water is constantly present and never more than a short drive away. Welcome!

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Magical Moments on Sweden's Loveliest Coast

You don't need to go to the Mediterranean to enjoy water sports, island-hopping and private beaches.

Water Activities

Explore Blekinge's wonderful waters

VISITBLEKINGE, Sweden in miniature.


The flavors of Blekinge, like many aspects of life in the region, owe much to the sea. Local staples include fish soup, fried herring, salmon and eel, but game and locally produced cheeses feature heavily, as well. Matakademi works tirelessly to preserve Blekinge’s culinary traditions, and are a visitor’s best bet to find authentic specialties, while places like Orranäs Gårdsmejeri keep cheese-making practices alive.

Similarly, Blekinge’s craft beer and cider breweries and vineyards are thriving, with new microbreweries emerging regularly. Carlskrona Bryggeri has preserved traditional craft heritage using recipes from the 19th century, while Bryggeri Skeppsgossen has developed an impressive 16 distinct varieties of brew.