A fisherman's paradise

Blekinge boasts astounding natural diversity, from

tiny isolated beaches to the archipelago’s countless islands, tranquil lakes

to deep forests, rocky and sandy beaches to babbling brooks.

It is the height of serenity and a favorite summer retreat for Swedes.


To fish for salmon and sea trout with a fly and a two-handed rod is an amazing experience. There is fishing to suit everyone, complete beginners as well as seasoned anglers. Many a record catch has been made here in fishing waters that are as varied as they are easy to reach. Fishing is one of life’s most therapeutic experiences. Spring fever is at a fever pitch, and anglers are looking for any excuse to shake off those nasty wintertime doldrums.

Mörrums River

Most other Swedish fish species pale in comparison to the “Rolls-Royce of fish” in the Mörrum River. The Baltic salmon and sea trout fishing here is world-class, and the surrounding landscape is lush and green. The water reflects history in its mighty flow, in its pool names and angler hotspots. Mörrum River is home to some of the world’s largest salmon and sea trout, so the right equipment is paramount for a successful catch. The water supply, water temperature and weather will affect the selection of line, fly and rod.

Thankfully the season is long, lasting from April to September, offering plenty of opportunities to make a really memorable catch.


Trout fishing in Ronneby attracts fishing enthusiasts from near and far every year, drawn by the variety of fishing in the area. In the Bräkne river you can catch trout, pike, perch and whitefish, the season stretching over the whole year. In the Listersjön and Sännen lakes you can go fishing for pike, perch and other white fish, while in the northern part of the municipality lies Eringsboda, with 10 lakes in an area of more than 740 acres. The most common fish are pike, perch, bream, tench and roach.

The season in Ronneby starts in March and ends in September. The season starts with a fishing competition and ends with a fishing festival.


Here you can be completely private where you have your own lake. There is access to more than 20 lakes in the area with exclusive fishing boats, canoes and kayaks to rent. There is something here for all types of fishing, ranging from spin and fly to angling. Brokamåla also offers several excursions relating to history and culture for all family. Accommodation is available on Brokmåla Gård, located just 200 meters from the lakes on a beautiful farm surrounded by woodland, perfect for a relaxing stay.

The season starts in April and ends in November, but you can fish throughout the year. Here you will find rainbow trout, pike and perch.

Pike Fishing

The Karlskrona archipelago waters are often shallow and rocky. What is common is that wading fishing and kayaking fits perfectly in these areas. In Karlskrona and Ronneby´s archipelagos you can go Pike Fishing with Pike Strike, where they offer top-class fishing packages, as the seaside residence with six bed comfort at Jordö/Almö, where two sport fishing boats with engine is included in the package. You can also book the fishing package with a four-bed cabin and a sport fishing boat with engine and GPS included. In this package there is also three fishing kayaks included. This pike fishing area may be the best in Blekinge. Pike Strike also offers guided pike fishing from boat or from fishing kayaks.

The season of Pike Fishing is during the whole year, but best fishing is between February-September.


Lakes as smooth as glass, enchanting forests full of wild mushrooms and berries, complete serenity and silence in the middle of Sweden’s southernmost wilderness. Take the opportunity to leisurely glide through smooth waters, peacefully fish from your very own pier, take part in an exciting hunt or experience the beautiful countryside on cycling and hiking trails. There are many beautiful nature reserves in Blekinge, and they show a variety of natural habitats, including rocky archipelagos, lush grasslands, broadleaf woodland, and conifer and mixed forest.


Eriksberg is a nature reserve outside Åryd in Karlshamn, one of Northern Europe’s largest wildlife shelters, and the largest safari park in the Nordic region. Here you can find varieties of deer, European bison, wild boar, mouflon sheep and more. During the summer there is the possibility to take a safari ride with your own car and see the animals in their unique natural habitats: coastal landscapes with lush forests and a fascinating rocky coastland. Eriksberg has both accommodation packages and gourmet food in the wild.

Activities at Eriksberg, of course, revolve around the wildlife. There is also rich bird life, as well as one of the world’s largest stocks of the peaceful red lily.


Right in the middle of the Blekinge archipelago lies one of the larger islands, the pearl of the Blekinge archipelago: Tjärö. Here the scenery is amazing, ranging from sun-drenched cliffs to abundant mountain springs, with beech forests, meadows and pastures. The entire island is a nature reserve with rich plant and bird life. Tjärö offers accommodation in lovely little houses from the 19th century. On Tjärö you can do a lot or nothing at all, just enjoy life. There are plenty of activities to partake in, such as hiking, fishing, swimming or just paddling in a canoe or kayak.

The island is open to the public from April to September.


The Halen Nature Reserve comprises parts of Blekinge’s largest lake, Halen. The area is well developed for active outdoor activities. Lake Halen is connected to an entire system of lakes, which makes it very popular with canoeist. Some parts of the reserve, mainly at the steep beaches, on the islands and some beech forests, are occupied by older forests, which give the area a real “untamed” feeling. At the lake there is accommodation at Halens Camping. Here you can camp, book a cottage or stay at the hostel. There are also many excursions from Halens Camping or beautiful trails to explore.

The season at Halen lasts the whole year, but from November to February there is limited service.

Ronneby Havscamping

Ronneby Havscamping is an idyllic four-star campsite located by the seaside. Here you can enjoy the quiet environment and the beautiful surroundings while you still are close to all the sights in Blekinge. At Ronneby Havscamping there is something for everyone. To Ronneby camping you can come with a camper, caravan, a tent or just as is and rent a cabin with a sea view or surrounded by the beautiful nature and the pitch. At Ronneby Havscamping there’s plenty of options for those who want to fill their days. Sunbathe or take a swim at one of the nearby beaches or in our outdoor pool or take a relaxing boat with four stroke engine or Kayak trip and try your fishing luck.

The season at Ronneby Camping starts in April and ends in September and supports with both Restaurant and Shop.


At the end of the 17th century, Sweden was a major European power, with territory in what is today Finland, Estonia and Latvia. The Navy was vital for controlling Swedish-held territories across the Baltic, which is why an important naval base was established in the Blekinge archipelago.

Naval Museum

The Naval Museum offers a lot of activities for the whole family. Sweden’s Naval Museum, which can trace its inception to 1752 and relates the history of the Swedish Navy, lies on the island of Stumholmen in Karlskrona. The model chamber held many ship and construction models, built to test different technical solutions and ship structures. Today these fascinating and extremely detailed models form the heart of the Naval Museum. In the Submarine Hall you can explore submarines from the Cold War, learn about the history of the Navy, study the gun decks from 1790, learn about the history of diving, or go to the bottom of the underwater tunnel.

The Naval Museum is open during the whole year, with limited opening days from September to April.

Blekinge Museum

The museum’s exhibitions trace Blekinge’s history from ancient times to the present. At the museum there are collective memories and traces of human history in Blekinge, and the World Heritage Site Grevagården is included in the museum. There is also a shop, café, playground and a baroque garden. Those who want to go a little deeper into Blekinge’s history are welcome to the museum’s archives, libraries, photo archives and objects collections. There are guided tours to be booked, and you can visit the Children’s Museum, which has a beloved playground.

During 2018 there is an exhibition titled “Explore the World Heritage City of Karlskrona.” Through play, facts and historical voices, you can learn more about the city’s unique history.

Punsch Museum

The term ‘Carlshamn punsch’ is old. Already in the 1850s there were two factories in the city that produced punsch – JN von Bergen & Sons and CG Bergs. In 1885, LO Smith, who knew what good advertising meant, registered a new brand with two crossed Swedish war flags for his Carlshamns punsch: “Carlshamns Flagg Punsch”. In 1976, von Bergens Punschfabrik was refurbished at the Karlshamn Museum in an almost authentic environment. Appliances, bottles, wooden dishes, inventory, trade books, prismatic products, etc. – everything is in place at the Punsch Museum, which lies in Karlshamns Cultural District.

The Punsch Museum is open throughout the year, and there are guided tours available.

Half Serenity, Half Adventure, Wholly Unforgettable

The fishing experiences that can be enjoyed in Blekinge know no bounds. From early morning deep-sea fishing to salmon trolling in the legendary Mörrum River to angling for...