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Blekinge’s natural landscapes are pure and untamed, inviting visitors to experience them in a variety of ways. Hiking, camping, kayaking, swimming, fishing, there’s no end to the ways you can immerse yourself in the pristine forests, lakes and rocky coastline of this small, yet diverse region.


Dragsö has both really good fishing packages and luxury cabins and a cool campground on an island. Experience a sunny week in the archipelago with the water, untamed nature and enjoy boating, fishing and relaxing. The western part of Dragsö is full lush greenery, and around the island there are three bathing areas, two with sandy beaches and one with a rocky beach. Just 20 minutes walking from Dragsö you can find a wide range of restaurants and pubs (you can also take the archipelago boats).

Dragsö Camping & Cottage Village: A four-star modern campsite on its own island in the heart of Blekinge Archipelago, just three kilometers from Karlskrona. There is a large selection of camping sites for those who come by caravan, camper or tent. They offer quality cabins with or without shower and toilet. For those who want the little extra there are now five cabin suites with five different themes. During the holiday season they host a wide range of activities for children and families.

Långasjönäs camping

Family-focused camping sight for fishing & canoeing, family style. Endless different lakes (Halen, Raslången, etc.) to explore with your fishing rod, boat or canoe. Take your family on a day hike and explore a lake with only birds and nature for company.

Långasjönäs Camping & Holiday Village is located right in the middle of Långasjönäs Nature Reserve. It offers peace and quiet, closeness to nature, singing birds, rabbits jumping around and playful squirrels, as well as a beautiful and relaxing view over Lake Långasjönäs. It is a campground with 90 camping places, and the holiday village has 53 cottages, ranging from 9 m2 to 50 m2, from simple cabins to cottages with shower and toilet. 3-star cottages in 5-star nature.

Olofströms Kanotcentral

Canoe rental on Southern Sweden’s largest lake, Halen, through the Halen Nurture Reserve and the Raslången eco-park.

By using natural connections between the lakes Halen, Raslången, Filkesjön and Immeln, we can offer you a wide range of walks in these waters with great natural beauty. The area is suitable for beginners and families and it is possible to spend from a few hours up to a week in the maritime area.

Within the area you will find 13 organized stops and overnight stops marked on the detailed map provided when you rent a canoe. All stops are equipped with a fireplace, toilet and trash.


Northern pike fishing, around Järnavik och Tjärö, combined with a stay at Svalemåla Holiday Village or Tjärö Bed and Breakfast. Outdoor experiences with a summer island feel.

This peaceful and tranquil setting with its unspoilt rocky coastline and sandy beach is ideal for sunbathing, swimming or walking. From the sauna and hot tub at the water’s edge, you have fantastic views over Järnavik’s archipelago.


  • Swimming and sunbathing on your own sandy beach
  • Wood-fired sauna with views over Järnavik’s archipelago
  • Hire a motor boat
  • Blekingeleden or Svalemåla’s own walking trails
  • Tjärö Island, with restaurant and café
  • Only about 5-10 minutes away with one of our rental boast from our harbor or take the small ferry from Järnavik
  • Birdwatching
  • Mushroom picking

Sandhamn Marine

The Karlskrona archipelago offers great pike, salmon and cod fishing. The variety attracts anglers from all over the world.

Take advantage of Sandhamn Marine’s knowledgeable and experienced guides using effective boats and first class fishing equipment to catch the fast and strong salmon that flood the waters during spring.

Services & Options

  • Rent a fishing kit with a map for 200 kr / day and fish from land.
  • Add 1200 kr / day for a boat, equipped with plotter, echo sounder and electric motor.


To fish for salmon and sea trout with a fly and a two-handed rod is an amazing experience. There is fishing to suit everyone, complete beginners as well as seasoned anglers. Many a record catch has been made here in fishing waters that are as varied as they are easy to reach. Fishing is one of life’s most therapeutic experiences. Spring fever is at a fever pitch, and anglers are looking for any excuse to shake off those nasty wintertime doldrums.

Mörrums River

World-class salmon and sea-trout fishing (since the 13th century), surrounded by oak and beech forests. Late March through September is salmon season. Non-fishermen can also hike along the 30km route that follows Mörrumsån Fishing camp for young and future fishermen: last week of October.

Pike Fishing

The Karlskrona archipelago waters are often shallow and rocky. What is common is that wading fishing and kayaking fits perfectly in these areas. In Karlskrona and Ronneby´s archipelagos you can go Pike Fishing with Pike Strike, where they offer top-class fishing packages, as the seaside residence with six bed comfort at Jordö/Almö, where two sport fishing boats with engine is included in the package. You can also book the fishing package with a four-bed cabin and a sport fishing boat with engine and GPS included. In this package there is also three fishing kayaks included. This pike fishing area may be the best in Blekinge. Pike Strike also offers guided pike fishing from boat or from fishing kayaks.

The season of Pike Fishing is during the whole year, but best fishing is between February-September.

Kronolaxfisket in Mörrum

The Salmon museum

Here you can see, amongst other things, a 13 m long aquarium with many of the species of fish found in the Mörrum River. Models (diorama) of the life of the salmon from roe to adult fish and plaster casts of the record breaking fish caught on the Mörrum River are also displayed here.

The exhibits is open from March 1 to September 30: Mon-Sat at 9 a.m to 5 p.m, Sun at 10 a.m to 3 p.m


The flavors of Blekinge, like many aspects of life in the region, owe much to the sea. Local staples include fish soup, fried herring, salmon and eel, but game and locally produced cheeses feature heavily, as well. Matakademi works tirelessly to preserve Blekinge’s culinary traditions, and are a visitor’s best bet to find authentic specialties, while places like Orranäs Gårdsmejeri keep cheese-making practices alive.

Despite the county’s diminutive size, Blekinge’s cuisine offers a wide variety of products, including vegetables, roots, fish, crawfish, eggs, chicken, pork, beef and lamb, not to mention all the things found in the bountiful Blekinge nature, such as berries and mushrooms. In recent years there has also been a surge of goat cheese products, and even deer and ostrich meat.

Responsible production and sustainable farming play an important role in Blekinge’s food culture, emphasizing the protection of natural habitats and sustainable agriculture, fishing and timber harvesting practices.


Renowned as the best restaurant in Blekinge three years running, Visenten focuses primarily on delicious Swedish food, created from the ground up with ingredients from neighboring farms and fresh fish from local waters. Hearty daily set-menu lunches are served on weekdays showcasing the best of local Swedish recipes.


Havsörnen creates menus based on the best raw seasonal products from the farm, forest, lake, sea or garden, taking full advantage of what nature’s pantry has to offer to serve authentic, masterfully made gourmet food and create a dining experience to remember. Famous also for their afternoon teas on Saturdays, patrons gather in force to enjoy the freshly baked scones with citrus curd, whipped cream and marmelades, best paired with a glass of chilled champagne.

Röshults Vedugnsbageri

Röshults Vedugnsbakery is a farm and family-run company dating back to the mid-19th century. They use carefully selected raw materials, a traditional baking method (which can take up to 4 days to complete), and one of Sweden’s largest wood fire ovens to get the bread just right. Their other products, which include pizzas, burgers, lasagna and more, are also well worth trying.

Blekinge Gourmet Tour

1-day culinary tour of Blekinge

The Blekinge Gourmet Tour is the best way to get a comprehensive look at the finest things the region’s cuisine has to offer. It is a full-day trip through the beautiful coastal landscape and the county’s epicurean delights, including visits to four award-winning food producers encompassing the areas of deer, smoked fish, wine and cheese:

Askunga Dovvlit

Vingården Stora Boråkra

Sturkö Rökeri

Orrnäs Gårdsmejeri


Similarly, Blekinge’s craft beer and cider breweries and vineyards are thriving, with new microbreweries emerging regularly. Carlskrona Bryggeri has preserved traditional craft heritage using recipes from the 19th century, while Bryggeri Skeppsgossen has developed an impressive 16 distinct varieties of brew.

Brygghus 19

The goal at Brygghus 19 is to maintain a high standard of beer, continuously work on improving the production process, and relentlessly push the envelope with new creative brews, a shining example of which is their signature gluten-free beer. Visitors can take a tour of the brewery, try different samples, and even join workshops to learn more about the brewing process. Don’t skip the Blekinge Akvavit, their take on the traditional Swedish spirit.

Blekinge Kafferosteri

Founder Henrik Arvidsson is a renowned Swedish Champion coffee maker, ranking fourth at the World Cup of coffee making. Needless to say, the coffee at Blekinge Kafferosteri is masterful, made from carefully selected beans and roasted to perfection. Unsurprisingly, it is the coffee of choice for restaurants and cafes all around Blekinge.

A Natural Playground for All Ages

Blekinge’s natural landscapes are pure and untamed, inviting visitors to experience them in a variety of ways. Hiking, camping, kayaking, swimming, fishing, there’s no end to the ways you can immerse yourself in the pristine forests, lakes and rocky coastline of this small, yet diverse region.

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